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  • Workshop And Equipment

    Product Showroom

    Add:Shantou Jinping District Road West Road No. 32 20 mA
    Contact:Mr. Allan          Cel:18959206042
    Tel:0754-82489236    Fax:0754-82491238

    About Us

         Shantou Xingying Plastic Products Co., Ltd is located in the beautiful coastal city of Shantou city. Since its inception the company has focused on the field of cosmetics packaging, the company's core team stable and efficient. The people-oriented principle for Xingying to gather a large number of professional talents.
         The company specializes in cosmetics packaging materials, products covered include lipstick, lip gloss, eye liner tube tube tube, eyelash pencil, mascara tube, eye shadow box, powder box, cosmetic box package products, product styles and a superb collection of beautiful things, variety. .......

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